Fiber Farm in the North Carolina Mountains

Vacation Rental Converted Barn Home
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

<span>Watch our</span> grazing Sheep

Watch our grazing Sheep

Our Sheep

Why sheep? Well, in addition to being cute and fuzzy, they are excellent lawnmowers and provide quality wool every spring when they are shorn. I process the wool here at the farm and hand-spin it into yarn. Our first sheep were Katahdins who were adopted from a Farm Animal Rescue Organization in North Carolina. Their elderly owners decided to retire from the sheep business after many years and were happy to send them to us to live out their lives eating grass and growing wool. Their names are Eunice, BaaBaa, Little Blackie, and Woolsey. Eunice recently lost her eyesight, so we put a bell on her best buddie, Little Blackie, and she is able to stay with the flock by following him around.
Subsequently we acquired Shetland sheep from a nearby farm. Their names are Buttercup, Sneakers, Duke, and Rocky. Buttercup had twin lambs, Martin and Jeff, in the spring of 2014. The Shetland sheep are a heritage breed and are very hardy and known to be great mothers. We just acquired 5 more female lambs who were bred for excellent wool for hand-spinning. They are a mix of Cormo, Wensleydale and Finn breeds. We plan to breed them when they are old enough. All of the males are wethers (not rams) so are usually docile. Enjoy watching them and hearing their “baas”. Occasionally you will see them run around, spring into the air, and butt heads!