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<span>Our Adorable</Span>Donkeys

Our AdorableDonkeys

Our Donkeys

Perhaps the greatest surprise to me was how sweet, smart, and affectionate the donkeys are. They came to us from a breeder in South Carolina. Charlotte is a small standard donkey who is 17 years old and has guarded cattle in her earlier life. She was bred with a mini-donkey to produce Anastasia. Mother and daughter will live out their lives at Fodderstack Farm, and their job is to guard the sheep from predators. Sheep are defenseless creatures so need to be protected. Donkeys are great with people, but are naturally aggressive to dogs and coyotes, so they make terrific guardians. Charlotte and Anastasia are curious and funny girls who love to be brushed. Enjoy hearing their hilarious breying, and watching them run around and roll in the pasture!