Fiber Farm in the North Carolina Mountains

Vacation Rental Converted Barn Home
Pisgah Forest, NC 28768

<span>Watch our friendly</span>Chickens

Watch our friendlyChickens

Our Chickens

Enjoy farm-fresh eggs from our free-range, friendly heritage-breed chickens. You may gather eggs if you like! The chickens’ job is to help control insects, provide us with delicious eggs, and endless entertainment. Soothe your soul by watching and listening to the calming sounds of our lovely heritage breed hens.

We have an automatic chicken door on the coop which has a light sensor. Chickens naturally go home to roost before dusk, and the door closes automatically at dusk. Then after about a minute, it opens again for 10 seconds to let any latecomers in. Then it closes for the night and opens at dawn. This provides them with protection from predators at night when they are most vulnerable (they are sound sleepers). It’s fun to watch the chickens’ disorganized parade and closing of the door in the evening! Just be sure to leave the chickens alone during this time so they can safely find their way to their beds.
The breeds we have are: Black Astralorp (brown eggs), Auricana (blue, green, and pink eggs), Cuckoo Maran (rich brown eggs), New Hampshire Red (brown eggs), Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes (brown eggs), and some olive eggers.